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Brian comes to us with a very diverse media background. He’s been working in and out of television since 1988. Most recently he was a feature reporter for WFAA ABC TV Dallas morning show ‘Daybreak’. Being creative comes natural to Brian. He worked for many years at one of the largest advertising agencies in Texas where there developed and launched several regional and national campaigns. He earned a press club award from the Southeast Texas Press Club in 2013 for his documentary called ‘Behind The Moves’, which was based off the hit movie ‘Magic Mike’. He is no stranger to the business world as he helped establish a national frozen custard franchise in 2001. He is a native of southeast Texas but is proud to now call north Texas home.

  • US Senator candidate Caren Lancona of CA explains why she’s taking on the Golden State March 9, 2017 US Senator candidate Caren Lancona of CA explains why she's taking on the Golden State
  • Attorney Jordyn Christian talks about having a good work/life balance March 9, 2017 Attorney Jordyn Christian talks about having a good work/life balance
  • Are we headed for an ‘auto bubble’ ? December 1, 2016

    We talked about the record number of auto loans at the end of last year and now this is what we’re seeing. How much more are you paying for your vehicle? More Americans are ‘stressed out’ when it comes to their finances.







  • Know your sales tax when it comes to ecommerce October 26, 2016

    One of the first conversations that BKM Swan Horan has with one of their clients is about sales tax. Who is your customer and where do they live. These two questions are vitally important in determining your sales tax obligation. Rick Swan joined us today to weight in on this topic and wanted all businesses owners large and small KNOW what their sales tax liability looks like.

  • Its all about the credit September 7, 2016


  • Your business wants to avoid the ‘Big D’ and here’s why August 23, 2016

    bookThanks to John and Laura Roach, authors of ‘Divorce in Peace’ for coming on the show. Not only can a divorce destroy your family but we also learned that it can destroy your business. The average worker cost their company over $87,000 in lost productivity while they’re dealing with a divorce. To find out more visit  Visit Amazon to pick it up.



  • Lack of sleep can get you fired August 23, 2016

    Great article on sleep deprivation and work productivity. Don’t try and be the ;super hero’ who thrives on 4 hours a sleep per night. Studies have shown that the less you sleep the more you’re at risk of losing your job.  Id make this intro longer but Ive got to get some sleep.





  • A smile goes a long way..just ask McDonald’s. August 22, 2016

    Its always been said that a ‘smile goes a long way’ and I think we all can agree with that. If you’re in any customer service orientated industry you know how important it is to not only service your customer but do it with a smile. Check out this article on McDonalds and see how they’ve changed a country’s culture when it comes to ‘smiling’.




  • Companies have to change the course or… August 17, 2016

    When I say the words ‘Curtis Mathes’ what comes to mind? Yea that big wooden television console that your parents had growing up.  The Curtis Mathes brand was synonymous with quality, value and  reliability.  In fact, they were  the ‘must have tv’  for over 50 years.  That was then, this is now.

    The market for televisions has changed and so has the competition.  The profit margins have all but left the unit itself resulting in companies having to adapt  its game plan or else. Curtis Mathes reconized that they had to make a change and that they did…into LED lights. Follow their incredible journey into an entirely different product while keeping the same brand value and reliability.  For more info visit



  • Content is king! August 5, 2016

    Ive always said that ‘content is king’ and in today’s world of seo it really is. Big thanks to Kory Ladd with Dallas SEO Dogs for coming on the show. It doesn’t matter if its a picture of something you sell, a testimonial video from  a customer or you just saying hello, creating original content on your site only helps potential customers find you. For more info go to

  • Facebook.. July 29, 2016

    That’s the question that most businesses ask themselves. Facebook as come a long ways from its early days and is a beast in the social media sector. Earnings blew away Wall Street’s estimates as the stock reached an all time highs and profits that haven’t been seen before.  But how can you profit from all these users and is a Facebook campaign right for your business? Zeena Alkurdi of Dallas SEO Dogs explained that there are several ways that a business can profit from all of the hype that is ‘Facebook’.




  • Post show wrap up 7/27/16 July 27, 2016 Post show wrap up 7/27/16
  • I’m calling about your overdue invoice… July 27, 2016

    AR. I think most companies will do ANYTHING to avoid chasing down money. Its seriously the last thing anyone wants to do. Our friends at Jet Capital had Elaine O’Gorman on the show today from Invoice Care to talk about the proper ways  of collecting outstanding invoices.



  • Post show wrap up 7/26/16 July 26, 2016 Post show wrap up 7/26/16
  • You cant afford to be hacked July 26, 2016

    With the news out this week in regard to the WikiLeaks email ‘hack’ within the DNC one can only imagine what the fallout can be from that. Depending on what news outlet you turn to the impact that it will have in this election may vary. But what would happen if your small business was ‘hacked’? How would that affect your bottom line? Charles Tholan of Cognoscape IT was our guest today and we addressed that very issue. There are so many ways that your information can be compromised. Are you taking aggressive efforts to prevent your business  from being the latest headline? Be proactive and visit to learn more about staying safe.



  • USA is open for business when it comes to Veterans July 13, 2016


  • July 5th..The struggle is real July 5, 2016

    Like me you’re probably struggling with getting back into the routine of what we call ‘work’. I use the word ‘work’ here loosely as I absolutely enjoy waking up at 4:00am to do what I do. (for lack of a better term)

    Thanks to Julie Bologna of KW Southlake for coming on the show today to talk about the local real estate market. Sales are strong, inventory is low and it seems like that will remain the case for the rest of the year.

    We also talked about the rising cost of  auto insurance. Not only do insurance companies look at your driving record but they also take in consideration your martial status, education level, credit rating and lifestyle. Something to think about

    Lastly, we debated on whether or not CEO’s should be vocal on social media when it comes to politics.  Does their viewpoint have an effect on the consumer?  Is it worth it?  ...

  • Immigration and the industries served June 17, 2016

    Immigration expert and  lawyer Ann Badmus of Scheef & Stone on the show today. She talked about the demand for highly skilled workers in the healthcare and technology sectors. Most of her clients migrate from India and China to fill these jobs. We learned that certain countries take a bit longer to get the applicants processed. For more information of immigration laws or how she can help your business visit 20160617_081439

  • When is a good time to sell my company? May 23, 2016

    Thats a great question and its not a very easy one to answer. Micheal Rubin from MDR &Associates was our guest today and we talked specifically addressed this topic. Deals fall apart just as quickly as they come together mainly because the seller has second thoughts on letting it go. This is a tough time in the sellers mind. Years of building their ‘baby’ can really tug on the heart strings of any seller.

    Do you know what your business is worth? Ever thought about selling? These are the very basic questions one should ask themselves in regards to selling. Statistics show that more than 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. There are plenty of opportunities out there you just have to find them.


    Contact Michael or anyone of his advisors at if you want more information on selling your business. So, what’s your business worth?

  • What’s the real cost of healthcare? May 6, 2016

    Great conversation today with William Short, CEO of Ameriflex, one of the nations largest healthcare administrators. Go to their website to learn more about how they are changing the way physicians get paid.


  • And the toughest job is… May 4, 2016

  • What does your website say about you? April 25, 2016

    That’s a great question. Many times we get caught up in running the business and allow things like a website to become dull and outdated. When was the last time your website was ‘refreshed’? Is your site drawing the right consumer? Does your site load easily on a mobile device?  These are questions that Curt Green of Big D Creative and Dallas SEO Dogs addressed on the show today. Click on the link to learn more about how you can really get your site working for you!



  • What’s Wrong With My 401K? April 19, 2016

    That’s a question many people ask themselves. Ron Wills of Retirement Surety talked about a different way to retire. Plans that eliminate the risk and build value over time. To learn more about Retirement Surety visit


  • Having a bad day? April 18, 2016

    Interesting article from Jet Capital.


  • New scam targets CEO’s April 15, 2016

    Wade Yeaman of Fluid IT Services called in this morning to alert us of a new scam that targets CEO’s. Please take a moment and read this.



  • The deadline of all deadlines.. April 13, 2016

    You’re welcome. The IRS has given you a few extra days to get your tax return into them this year. NOW, your returns are due on April 18th, due to the public employee holiday of Emancipation Day.
    Tim Horan of BKM Sowan Horan called in to give his expert advice.


  • See ya later California! April 11, 2016

    y40J3AAKWhy are so many people leaving California for Texas? Could it be for our delicious bbq? Or is it for our swanky bars in the uptown area? (both might be true) The real and most logical  answer is because the DFW area is booming with business and our strong housing market.

    Roughly 75% of Toyota’s employees questioned said that they would take a job in Plano if offered. Why you ask? Well for starters the affordability rate in regards to housing is one point. Simply put, people can afford to buy a house here.

    Cerissa Lair of Lair Properties Keller Williams agrees. She joined us today to talk about why this area is so hot and gave a few tips on making sure you get the property you want.  Home builders are reporting a strong demand and don’t anticipate that ...

  • Entrepreneurs gear up for Dallas startup week April 6, 2016

    Tim Horan of BKM Sowan Horan dropped by our studios today with Trey Bowles, who’s working with the 2016 Dallas Startup Week that runs April 12-16 in downtown Dallas. This free event is for any person looking to start their own business. Throughout the week there’s guest speakers, one-on-one mentoring sessions and various experts in a wide range of industries. To register simply to go We’ll be checking in with Trey the week of the event to get the latest news.



  • This guy hates mosquitoes! March 31, 2016

    20160331_085919That’s right. Well I think its safe to say that we all hate mosquitoes. Meet Todd. Todd wanted to leave his corporate America job and was looking to buy a franchise. That’s when he met Sara Waskow with FRAN NET, a franchise that specializes in finding franchises for people wanting to be their own boss. After accessing his needs and reviewing dozens of companies Todd decided to open Mosquito Joe, a pest control based business located right here in DFW. Now Todd lives his dream and is able to provide a much needed service and spend more time with his family. FRAN NET has an event coming up to showcase several franchise opportunities. For more info visit

    Also big thank you to Mattie-Lou Chandler from Fox Sports Out Kick The Coverage for coming on ...

  • March 29, 2016

    200003133lHave an accounting question? Why not ask our experts! Message us via our Facebook/Twitter page and the guys from BKM Sowan Horan will answer them every Wednesday on the show. For info go to

  • Big thanks to Retirement Surety our newest expert! March 23, 2016

    Big thank you to Retirement Surety of Dallas on becoming the latest expert on DFW Business Today. Looking forward to learning more about the scary world of retirement. Early estimates indicate that I’ll be working until 2075. LOL  Catch them on Tuesdays at 8am!

    For info

  • Mattie-Lou Chandler tackles a tough topic… March 17, 2016

    IMG_4556Mattie-Lou Chandler of Fox Sports Out Kick The Coverage joined me today to tackle a tough issue…Should men own cats? Ponder that for a few…David Holiner, a commercial real estate agent weighed in on this as well. (We are both cats lovers). We concluded that YES men can own cats..So there..

    Also, big thank you to Marsha Williamson of Dallas 24 Hour Club and Shannon White of Grace to Grow for coming on as well. They have a golf tournament on Tuesday, March 22nd ‘Fore! The 24’ with proceeds going  towards a new center. For more info go to


  • Golfs’ phenom Avery Zweig stopped by KEXB studios March 15, 2016

    20160315_081323Meet Avery. Not only can she

    beat you and I in golf (trust me on this) but she is using her skills to raise money for various people in need. Last year she raised over $7600 for her school janitor who was dealing with an illness. And now her latest campaign is called ‘Win green for Cason’. For more info on this little ‘nugget’ and how you can donate to her campaign please visit Thanks for hanging out today!



  • Talking real estate with Cerissa Lair of Lair Properties March 14, 2016


  • Women take over ‘DFW Business Today’ March 11, 2016 Women take over 'DFW Business Today'