1. Radio advertising is interactive. Radio listeners are actively involved in message communication.

2. Radio advertising reinforces your promotional message. The power of radio strengthens the visual imagery of newspaper and television advertising.

3. Radio advertising drives listeners to visual advertising. A well designed radio campaign increases the reach of visual images.

4. Radio advertising uses audio to enhance visual images. Radio spots foster recall of visual images conveyed in newspaper and television advertising.

5. Radio advertising adds focus to the targeting of cable TV. Radio is the premier targeting medium and creates a highly focused campaign to generate maximum reach and frequency.

6. Radio advertising augments a direct mail strategy. Use radio in tandem with direct mail to improve the response rate of your direct mail campaign.

7. Radio advertising is a marketing partner with the internet. Direct the radio audience to your internet advertising and enhance your promotional program.

8. Radio advertising provides the details of your marketing. Let radio deliver all the information on your products and services once you gain consumer attention from your other promotional strategies.

9. Radio advertising builds synergy with P-O-P promotions. Use a combination of radio and Point-of-Purchase advertising to increase average unit sales.

10. Radio advertising increases Yellow Pages effectiveness. The flexibility of radio permits creative options and maximum impact when combined with the Yellow Pages.

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