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Business News

  • Tencent to donate 2 percent of profit as Chinese online charity grows
    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese billionaire Pony Ma Huateng, the founder of internet group Tencent, on Friday said his company would donate 2 percent of its annual profit to charity and flagged growth in the use of mobile internet in China's philanthropy sector. ... Read more »
  • European firms offer Britain scant support in divorce talks
    LONDON (Reuters) - More than 20 European business associations and companies interviewed by Reuters say they back their governments' position that Britain's banking sector can only enjoy EU market access post-Brexit if the country still follows the bloc's rules. ... Read more »
  • Snapchat to offer camera-equipped sunglasses in first hardware push
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Snap Inc, the newly renamed parent company of messaging app Snapchat, plans to start selling camera-equipped sunglasses starting this fall, Chief Executive Evan Spiegel told the Wall Street Journal in an interview. ... Read more »

Market News

  • $17 Billion In Stolen Oil To Be Investigated, OPEC Member Nigeria Says
    This week Nigeria will launch an investigation into $17 billion in stolen oil revenue, pitting current President Burahi against former President "Goodluck" Jonathan.... Read more »
  • The Week Ahead: Ivy League Investor Flunks Test
    The FOMC announcement Wednesday means that all of us will be spared from Fed babble for a few months. I hope many investors took my advice and avoided the incessant discussion by hitting the mute button. The market did issue its verdict as the technical action sent... Read more »
  • How Much Do Mutual Funds Really Cost?
    Mutual funds have many different kinds of costs, many of which are unapparent to the untrained investor. Naturally, these costs can eat away at returns. So, what are these costs? And, how large are they?... Read more »