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Business News

  • Mining giants race to fill board leadership gaps
    LONDON (Reuters) - Three of the world's biggest miners are hunting for new leaders for their boards at a time when the industry faces questions from investors about its conventional diversified business operations and strategies for growth. ... Read more »
  • South Korea court says Uber violated transport law, latest setback for U.S. firm
    SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean court on Wednesday ruled that the ride-hailing group Uber Technologies Inc illegally used private vehicles for commercial purposes, in the latest legal setback for the U.S. firm in Asia's fourth biggest economy. ... Read more »
  • Daimler says diesel probes could result in penalties, recalls
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Daimler on Wednesday reiterated that recent steps by United States authorities to investigate diesel emissions pollution and so-called auxiliary emission control devices could lead to significant penalties and vehicle recalls. ... Read more »

Market News

  • A Fund That Bought Tesla For Less Than $30 A Share
    Up almost 500%, this adviser identified Tesla's value early... Read more »
  • An Asset Allocator's Nightmare
    Think of gold and commodities as an insurance policy against a period like we experienced from 1960 to 1999 – the value is in helping you sleep at night.... Read more »
  • The Korea My Boots Touched Down On
    How many State Department policymakers ever visited with counterparts over there? Probably, zilch. Do we know what percentage of their GDP is allocated to defense spending? Does their GDP grow or stagnate?... Read more »